Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don't Fence Me In

Jon started off his Sunday purchasing wood for our new fence! We didn't need a lot to cover the back, just enough to fence in the yard from each front corner of the garage to the side fencing separating us from neighbors.
The first poles are up and awaiting their cement! I didn't see much after this, as I headed to the grocery store to spend way too much money on food. :)

Before I knew it he was all done! Jon did all his calculations ahead of time and used every single piece of fence bought, without running over or under. Pretty impressive, eh?

Here is a shot from the inside, showing the left side of the garage. Looks so awesome!! Jon really did a fantastic job.

Jon's closing things up for the day after a busy weekend in the yard. I'm SO thrilled with the fence! We had a make-shift wire fence up to keep in the dog (and to keep her separate from the workers). You can see one of the posts in the foreground of the photo below - I'm so ready to get rid of that, it looks terrible. You can also see where the trench was filled in. We want to work on the yard next.

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Mum said...

Wonderful pictures!...I am so impressed by your plans and the finished product!....did I say FINISHED? looks so good...