Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

It took the painters just one day to get the outside of the garage done! The colors are the same as on our house. The red matches our new windows and I think it looks awesome.

They started digging the trench for the electrical yesterday, talk about hard work! It's a deep trench, holy cow. I would not want to have to do that kind of work ever!

I was amazed to see they actually dug under our walkway. I thought they'd have to dig it up and we'd have to fix it ourselves! That must have been a major pain.


Mum said...

It is adorable, like a dollhouse!.sorry, Jon, like a he-man dollhouse. I'm so happy for you both.....

Marla Hinds said...

Haha, your mum’s quite right! It does look a little like an adorable dollhouse! I do like your windows, actually. They make the whole house look cozy and quite charming. Have you put up curtains or blinds? I think maybe a set of sunny yellow curtains can add a lot more pep to your windows!